"NOW YOU DIE!!" issue one

Image of "NOW YOU DIE!!" issue one


"NOW YOU DIE!!" is a new, ongoing horror anthology, by Zach Worton and Britt Sanders, that will host a revolving door of mentally disturbed cartoonists. In this inaugural issue of "NOW YOU DIE!!", we witness Zach Worton ("Black September"), and Britt Sanders ("The Haunted Mask") pick fetid chunks of scum from their brains and smear it across the page. "NOW YOU DIE!!" contains such creepy, horrible, and disturbing images of satanism, violence, psychosis, and mutilation that readers will probably die of shock and fright. We the publisher, PRIMITIVE URGES, claim no responsibility for your lily liver, or weak, sissy heart.

2 Colour Risograph Cover
44 Pages
Black and White Interiors

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